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JustJulie Apothecary by Julie Todd

Project Description

JustJulie is a small apothecary founded and led by Julie Todd that provides aromatherapy, herbal products, and ritual services that support individuals and community. Since 2017, I have worked with JustJulie to provide cohesive branding across all print materials and digital platforms. The logo was created by Eli Portuhondo and has been incorporated into all designs since.


The apothecary has culminated into a fun, clear brand identity that lovingly reminds buyers of Julie's personal handwriting. The branding is used across all marketing materials, including the website, product labels, and merchandise. The graphic design is tailored to reflect the personality and focus of the JustJulie:

  • Treat Yourself...

    • Simply​

    • Naturally

    • Justly

From Julie: When I started making products with plants, I was motivated by wanting to learn how to treat myself and treat my own body in three basic ways: simply, naturally, and justly. This has been, and will always be, my approach to plant medicine: 

  • We treat ourselves with simple, low-tech practices & simple products with simple ingredients.

  • The point of plant medicine is to be in relationship to plants; using only natural ingredients, and increasingly over time, local ingredients.

  • We see personal healing in relationship to social & ecological justice. There is no individual healing without collective healing.

Project Objectives
  • Design an impactful, unified look across mediums

  • Streamline the production process by having pre-written labels

  • Organize an easy-to-navigate and visually-appealing hub for all products, services, events and literary items for customers and clients to explore


  • Graphic Design

  • Website Design & Management​​

  • Product Labels & Instruction Cards

  • Print Materials

    • Product & Service Menu Postcards​

    • Business Cards

    • Program Book Ads

  • Digital

    • Social Media graphics​

    • Reel design

  • Merch & Other

    • Stickers​

    • Magnets

    • Notepads

    • Logo Stamps

Sage Room Spray.JPG
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