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Mandee Curls Brand Development

Project Description

Mandee Curls is a Latina-owned small business that specializes in ​natural curly hair treatments, cuts and styles. As Mandee was making the venture from renting a chair at a local salon, to renting a studio room within the salon, to eventually building out and opening her own salon location, she aimed to establish herself as a trusted destination for individuals seeking expert care for their curls.

With a focus on authenticity, expertise, and exceptional customer service, Mandee sought a brand identity that would communicate her unique positioning among other salons effectively. Mandee reached out with the aim to establish a visual presence that would resonate with her target audience, portraying her passion and care for curly hair, while maintaining the space for her and her clients to flaunt their individual flare. 

Project Objectives
  • Developing a cohesive brand look that displayed her specialty while also highlighting her personality

  • Create an approachable visual presence that allowed clients to get the information that they needed in an efficient and effective way

  • Design a graphics package, that paired with 1:1 sessions, would allow the client to become self-succificent in their promotional efforts moving forward


  • Logo Design

  • Business Cards

  • "Curl Scripts" that review services provided

  • Studio Organization Binder

  • Social Media graphics package

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Social Media Management

  • Domain & Email Set-Up

  • Eventbrite Set-Up & Management

Mandee Curls - logo 4-26-23 dark hair, green highlights 3 - Copy.png
MandeeCurls Academy - Wash-n-Go Styling Workshop 2-24-24 - flyer.png
MandeeCurls Academy - logo2.png
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